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The Catalyst Innovation Portal is a resource for the bio, pharma and medtech sectors.  It connects you with over 20 of the UK’s leading bioscience incubators and their tenant companies, along with research organisations, academic and clinical researchers, biotechs, pharma, students, technology transfer managers, government organisations, policy makers, thought leaders and others who have an interest in open innovation. 

The site is intended to support a range of needs – from those seeking to make new contacts, discover what other people are doing, and improve their strategic connectivity, through to those developing joint ventures, R&D projects, technology acquisition, licensing or any other type of collaboration.

Network members will be able to:

  • View member profiles
  • Post news and events 
  • Post blogs
  • Search jobs boards
  • Search lab equipment hire
  • Access live chat features
  • Join research projects 
  • Share their own research projects 
  • Share case studies on open innovation in the life sciences
  • Share existing tools that have been proven to engage companies and research     organisations in open innovation programmes
  • Become an innovation solver
  • Meet at partner events


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