Electronic Document Management in Healthcare: Delivering a Paperless N


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Electronic Document Management in Healthcare: Delivering a Paperless NHS


Date: 01 July 2015

Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

“All NHS funded care services are expected to have digital and interoperable systems that remove the limitations of paper records and slow bureaucratic systems by 2020.” 13th November 2014, Department of Health

“Having access to the right information at the right time enables excellence. It helps professionals document handovers accurately and makes it easier to share information quickly across multi-disciplinary teams and with other providers… Access to accurate, timely and comprehensive information can transform the quality and efficiency of healthcare through improved clinical workflows, increased care optimisation and greater patient involvement. It is increasingly the hallmark of a modern, high quality healthcare system..” The Integrated Digital Care Fund: Achieving Integrated Health and Care Records

“Removing the need for paper entry, duplication and storage also reduces costs in the long-term” NHS England 

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