BBSRC Opportunities for Industry Engagement


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BBSRC Opportunities for Industry Engagement


Date: 25/06/2015

The BBSRC’s strategy for maintaining and improving engagement with the sector means that they would like to remind us about some current and specific funding opportunities, together with some of their regular industry collaborative research schemes which operate throughout the year. 

  1. New BBSRC/Innovate UK Collaborative R&D Competition: Management and Use of Biofilms – call now open, registration closes 9 September 2015

BBSRC and Innovate UK have teamed up to put together a new, business-led CR&D feasibility studies competition. Whilst this is intended as a broad, cross-sector competition, it clearly has great relevance to your sector, particularly from a manufacturing and formulation perspective. It also seeks to address pre-competitive research challenges in addition to more commercial work. The lead contacts at BBSRC and Innovate UK for further information about the call are Lee Beniston and Neil Johnston respectively.

  1. Vacancies for Industrialists on BBSRC Panels & Peer Review Bodies – closing date 5 July 2015

This presents an opportunity for industrialists in your sector to engage with BBSRC policymaking/strategic thinking and grant review through membership of our Strategy Advisory Panels (SAPs) and peer review bodies. There are relevant vacancies on our Bioscience for Health and Industrial Biotechnology & Bioenergy SAPs in particular. What’s in it for youMembership of BBSRC peer review bodies allows you access to cutting edge UK bioscience and the opportunity to gain an understanding of where UK academic excellence resides; it also offers you the opportunity to network (and potentially collaborate) with leading academics who also serve on these bodies. Membership of SAPs presents you with an opportunity to influence the direction of UK bioscience for the greater public good. The deadline for registration and submission of application forms is 5 July 2015.

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