Cell Therapy Experts Join PCI and TrakCel for Free Webinar – ‘Successf


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Cell Therapy Experts Join PCI and TrakCel for Free Webinar – ‘Successfully Managing the Unique Demands of Cell Therapy Supply Chains’


Philadelphia, USA – . Cell therapy professionals from across the pharmaceutical and biotech sector joined a specialist webinar delivered by industry experts PCI Pharma Services and TrakCel addressing the unique complexity of an autologous therapy supply chain (Wednesday, April 20).

Hosted by European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer magazine, the webinar was delivered by Rachel Griffiths, Associate Director, Technical Services PCI Clinical Services, and Dr. Matthew Lakelin, TrakCel Vice President Scientific Affairs and Business Development.

“With cell-based therapies playing an increasing treatment role in a variety of conditions, the need for specialist supply chains to deliver cell therapy products has never been more important. The effective extraction and replacement of dysfunctional human cells, modified ex vivo with the drug product, may often be the only viable treatment option for the patient,” explained Rachel.

“The supply chain process must be seamlessly orchestrated at every stage to collect cells from the patient, deliver these for introduction to the drug product, and then reverse the process to ensure the therapy reaches the patient. Our experience highlights how a risk-based approach can help identify any challenges to this complex process, to ensure the most reliable outcomes for the patient,” commented Matthew.

PCI and TrakCel’s free learning event highlighted:

  • How product characteristics can influence the management of the cell therapy supply chain
  • What might influence the decision to have centralized or localized manufacturing strategies
  • The information required to successfully import and export cell therapy materials.

The Webinar can be viewed at:

The webinar is the first in a series held by PCI in partnership with European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer magazine. Find out more at


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