Charnwood Molecular And Aurelia Bioscience Strengthen Ties to Successf


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Charnwood Molecular And Aurelia Bioscience Strengthen Ties to Successfully Deliver Early Stage Discovery Projects for Clients

30 September 2015: Nottingham, UK – Two leading UK CROs, Charnwood Molecular and Aurelia Bioscience, who both have laboratories at BioCity Nottingham,  are strengthening their alliance, enabling more efficient global delivery of  Discovery projects to their Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology clients.

Aurelia Bioscience, founded 3 years ago by pharma industry-seasoned biologists, specialise in the development of bioassays and the screening of compounds for initial hit identification at medium/high throughput and on-going compound refinement in the hit/lead stages of Medicinal Chemistry programs.

Focused, property-appropriate compounds for the various stages of these programs are provided through the expertise of the Medicinal Chemistry team at Charnwood Molecular, a company who have been providing synthetic chemistry services to the industry for over 17 years now. Charnwood’s Medicinal Chemistry team boasts chemists from both large pharma and small start-up biotechnology companies, with proven track records across a range of therapeutic areas.

Working at the same site enables the SME partners to accelerate Discovery programs through agile design cycles combined with high value scientific input, key components which both companies see as vital ingredients for successful project delivery.

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