Charnwood Molecular Sees Renewed Focus and a Positive Start to 2016 fo


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Charnwood Molecular Sees Renewed Focus and a Positive Start to 2016 for the Pharma Industry


Loughborough, UK – Dr Robin Wilkes, Director of Business Development at Charnwood Molecular Ltd stated that “Seems like we have only just started 2016 but already there’s positive signs in the news for how the Pharmaceutical industry is now addressing the discovery of new medicines”.

He went on to explain why:-

1. There were 51 New Drug Approvals in 2015, a 66 year high, with nearly 40% of those being ‘first in class’ therapeutics and 60% being small molecules. Perhaps this shows increasing innovation levels in the industry including……
2. The delivery of new technologies such as 3D-printing, from which the first Drug Approval was granted by the FDA in 2015. Spritam® (levetiracetam), for the treatment of epileptic seizures, is the first drug to be manufactured with this technology. Innovation will be further driven by…
3. The availability of new molecular tools, such as CRISPR-Cas9, which edits genes and from which there are positive hopes for the delivery of new therapeutics. There also appears to have been a refocusing of where resources are deployed, for example….
4. The industry appears to have woken up to the important need for new Antibiotics, with new and fairer ways to pay for their development now on the agendas of both Pharma companies and Governments. And…
5. Pharma companies are now also focusing more on Rare or Orphan diseases, defined as those which affect <200K people in USA or <5 in 10K people in Europe. 2016 will see two drugs enter the market for such diseases that have the potential to become ‘blockbusters’, prompting interest beyond niche Biotech companies.

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