Crescendo Biologics Presents Key Oncology Data on Humabody™ Drug Conju


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Crescendo Biologics Presents Key Oncology Data on Humabody™ Drug Conjugates


Cambridge, UK – Crescendo Biologics Limited (Crescendo), the drug discovery and developer of Humabody™ VH therapeutics, today announced a major breakthrough in its Humabody™ Drug Conjugate (HDC) programme.

This latest biosdistribution study confirms the rapid, homogeneous penetration and effective accumulation of Humabody constructs in a mouse xenograft tumour along with fast clearance of unbound material from systemic circulation. As a consequence, HDCs with highly potent payloads have the potential to generate a substantially superior therapeutic index to standard Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) comprised of whole IgG.

The new data was presented by Dr Brian McGuinness (VP Discovery) for the first time at the 2nd Biologics and Biosimilars Congress in Berlin on 1st -2nd Feb 2016. Crescendo will also be attending the 6th World ADC Summit from 8th-10th Feb, 2016 in Berlin.

HDCs are small, robust molecules with a well-defined DAR and tunable serum half-life and this latest data shows that they could realistically represent the next generation of targeted drug conjugate therapies, with the potential of remedying the key deficiencies associated with current ADCs in the clinic.

Crescendo’s growing pipeline is based on its Humabody™ VH Technology. Humabodies combine the VH format of minimal size with the power of transgenic mouse technology – the gold standard in antibody therapeutics development – which confers the substantial benefits of in vivo maturation. As a result, Humabodies have excellent potency and druggability including superior CMC properties for drug development.

Humabody™ VH are 100% human and represent the smallest possible immunoglobulin fragments offering a range of plug & play options for generating novel multi-specific biologics. Humabody™ therapeutics are therefore expected to establish a valuable new class of targeted medicines.

Dr Peter Pack, CEO of Crescendo Biologics, said:
“This data confirms our belief that HDCs will be part of the next generation of highly effective cancer therapeutics. Treatment of solid tumours still represents an area of great unmet need. However the excellent characteristics of HDCs will enable us to deliver superior therapeutic benefit by using a ‘dose high, hit hard and leave’ approach thereby reducing any undesirable side effects.”

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