Government Issues New guidance on Finance (No.2) Act 2015 EIS and VCT


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Government Issues New guidance on Finance (No.2) Act 2015 EIS and VCT Rules Published


London, UK – The guidance was issued with the following note.

We had initially hoped to publish the guidance as a stand alone document but it has not been possible to do this. Instead we have published the guidance as a separate chapter in the Venture Capital Manual (VCM). Publishing our manuals on is a new process and we have encountered some glitches on the way. At present the new chapter and its contents do not have a VCM prefix which means they do not appear in the VCM contents. However it is possible to find the chapter and various sections by searching for key terms eg “knowledge-intensive companies”.

We are looking into how to fix the problem but it is possible we may have to delete the chapter altogether and upload again, which we would not be able to do before next week. So we’ve decided to leave the guidance on in its current form until we can resolve the referencing problem.

We had always intended the guidance we published would be draft guidance. While we can’t refer to is as draft guidance as such in the VCM chapter, we are still treating it as draft and we welcome your comments on the contents and whether there are any extra topics you would like us to cover. We will be updating the guidance in the autumn and we will take into account any comments made by 31 August 2016. Of course we will continue to welcome comments received after that date, as we keep our guidance under review at all times, and we will feed comments into future versions of the guidance.

The new chapter can be found using this link to

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