GSK and the Francis Crick Institute join forces in collaboration to fo


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GSK and the Francis Crick Institute join forces in collaboration to forge new scientific discoveries


Date: 14/07/2015

The Francis Crick Institute, the UK’s newest biomedical research facility, and GSK, the UK’s largest pharmaceutical company, are to partner on an open innovation collaboration exploring new avenues of medical research and drug discovery across a broad range of diseases, with a view to achieving breakthroughs in the understanding of human disease.

This is the first collaboration to be established between the Crick and a pharmaceutical company.

Teams of scientists from each organisation will work side-by-side in integrated teams at the Crick’s world-leading centre of biomedical research in the heart of London and GSK’s global R&D hub in Stevenage. The close proximity of these two sites and the institutions’ complementary areas of expertise will create a fertile ground for collaborative, innovative research – exposing scientists to new ways of thinking and building capability within each organisation. Increased interactions between Crick and GSK scientists will benefit both sides, introducing new ways of working and stimulating the development of novel approaches to problems. GSK and the Crick believe that this fluid interchange of skills and ideas could lead to significant discoveries in the basic scientific understanding of human disease, which could ultimately improve the success rate for discovering new medicines.

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