NuCana’s potent anti-cancer completed Phase I/II


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NuCana’s potent anti-cancer completed Phase I/II


Date: 08/06/2015

Good news just keeps on coming from ASCO Annual Meeting. Edinburgh-based NuCana presented in two abstracts the last data from Acelarin, the company’s first anti-cancer agent, produced on its ProTide developing platform.

ProTides are NuCana’s new class of anti-cancer agents, which are specifically designed to overcome key cancer resistance mechanisms that severely limit the action and effectiveness of many commonly prescribed anti-cancer drugs. ProTide’s innovative technology enables the addition of a phosphoramidate moiety to the commonly used anti-cancer nucleoside analogues. This transformation results in a significantly more active agent being generated within the cancer cells, with much less metabolic degradation and, therephore, superior efficacy and a more favourable safety profile. Acelarin, NuCana’s first ProTide candidate, aims to validate this concept in its soon-to-come Phase III clinical trial.

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Source: Labiotech

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