Introducing the GEIC


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Introducing the GEIC


Date: 01/09/2015

This is the first look at the new £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) at The University of Manchester, which will set the standard for world class graphene and 2-D materials application development.

The GEIC aims to accelerate taking graphene products to the marketplace, as well as be a state of the art research and technology development facility. 
Along with the £61m National Graphene Institute (NGI), which opened in 2015, and the £235m Sir Henry Royce Institute for Materials Research and Innovation, the GEIC will be crucial in maintaining the UK’s world leading position in graphene and other 2-D materials research.  

Whereas the NGI features academic-led research in partnership with industry, the GEIC will be industry-led and will focus on innovation and applications.

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Source: University of Manchester

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