Manchester signs agreement with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


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Manchester signs agreement with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Date: 15/06/2015

The FDA is responsible for authorising all drugs sold in the United States and will be working with the University’sPharmacy School to develop new research initiatives as well as enrolling students and staff in the Administration’s joint fellowship programmes.

Alongside the FDA initiative, the University has also signed a partnership with US-based Certara Inc, which is a leading company in model-based drug development, to provide a lecturer in precision dosing for the School for three years. 

This lecturer will specifically focus on teaching students and forming research partnerships on individual dose optimisation, to demonstrate its application, particularly in relation to cancer, paediatric pharmacotherapy and applications of biologics.

Personalised or stratified medicine is an important emerging discipline and focuses on making sure that drugs are tailored to the genetic profile of patients in order to make them more effective.  By studying large numbers of patients, researchers can break them down into smaller groups and develop substances that produce better results.

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Source: University of Manchester

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