Mental health issues placing strain on employers


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Mental health issues placing strain on employers


Date: 26/06/2015

COMPANIES are failing to deal with rising levels of mental health and stress-related problems in the workplace, according to a new study.

The survey reveals that while sickness absence remains relatively low, there is growing concern about employees suffering from stress and mental health issues.

The EEF manufacturers’ organisation said its research revealed that only one in ten companies provided training on mental health to managers. The survey involved almost 350 companies employing 90,000 workers.

It found that employers were struggling to tackle mental health issues, which were leading to increases in long-term absence. Two-fifths – 40 per cent – said long-term absence rates were increasing, even though total absence rates were low at just 2.2 per cent .

This represents five days a year per employee on average, although half of workers never take time off sick.

Back pain and musculoskeletal disorders remain the main cause of long-term absence, with stress and mental health disorders the main cause of absence for one in four companies.

This, the survey reveals, has gradually crept up since 2009.

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Source: Scotsman

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