New ‘chemotherapy booster’ could treat lung and pancreatic cancer


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New ‘chemotherapy booster’ could treat lung and pancreatic cancer


Date: 27/07/2015

A new drug that blocks cancer’s escape route from chemotherapy could be used to treat deadly lung and pancreatic cancers, research has revealed.

Scientists at Newcastle University have been part of a study that has shown in human cancer cells and in mice that the drug, discovered at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, boosts the effectiveness of conventional chemotherapy. 

The drug, known as CCT245737, is scheduled to begin first-in-human clinical trials in patients with lung and pancreatic cancers - two cancers with low survival rates that continue to resist currently available treatments.

The new study is published today in the journal Oncotarget, and was funded by Cancer Research UK and Sareum Limited.

The research, conducted at The Institute of Cancer Research in collaboration with colleagues at Newcastle University and the drug discovery company Sareum Ltd, shows the effectiveness of a new class of drugs called CHK1 inhibitors that can be delivered orally to patients

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Source: University of Newcastle

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