New SpeedCore C18-PFP for High Resolution LC Separations


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New SpeedCore C18-PFP for High Resolution LC Separations


Fortis Technologies has launched its new core-shell stationary phase, SpeedCore C18-PFP.

Designed with increased resolution in mind, it provides extra selectivity for analysts as well as very high efficiency due to the core-shell silica particle.

Orthogonal selectivity is something that many strive for when traditional C18 columns fail to separate, so the new SpeedCore C18-PFP is designed to provide changes to elution order and selectivity. Difficult to analyse compounds and closely related species can be separated due to the different mechanisms of interaction achievable on this stationary phase. 

Available as a 2.6um or 5um particle, high efficiency is standard, now the selectivity gains can lead to faster high resolution separation.

Fortis Technologies Ltd
Cheshire, UK

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