Personalized Cancer medicines are becoming reality thanks to AstraZene


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Personalized Cancer medicines are becoming reality thanks to AstraZeneca and Qiagen’s newly approved combo


Date: 15/07/2015

A new success for personalized medicines against cancer!  AstraZeneca and Qiagen’s collaboration has achieved a major milestone after receiving the FDA’s approval of Iressa, a first-line treatment for a common form of lung cancer. The drug candidate is paired with Qiagen’s therascreen EGRF test as a companion diagnostic test.

There is no doubt: the future of medicine will rely on personalized treatments. However, this evolving field is still far from being mastered. Some patients react positively to treatments whereas others don’t, and the reasons are not well understood. Predicting the effectiveness of a certain therapy is thus of great significance to save time, money and, even more importantly, avoid inconvenient secondary effects. It’s because of this that the companion diagnostic is essential to the safe and effective use of the drug. They go together.

Companion diagnostics are medical devices that help doctors decide which treatments and which dosage to give, tailored specifically to the patient. Because the companion diagnostic test is designed to be paired with a specific drug, the development of both products requires a close collaboration between the developers. Qiagen and AstraZeneca have been working intimately to develop Iressa and its test.

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Source: Labiotech

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