Pili Printed their First Page with Bacteria-Made Ink!


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Pili Printed their First Page with Bacteria-Made Ink!


Date: 12/08/2015

Pili is a group of eight young dedicated entrepreneurs that dream of replacing the toxic pigments used in today’s ink with natural, non-toxic, recycable ink made by bacteria. A dream that could soon become reality as the start-up just achieved the first proof of concept and printed its first page with a bacteria-made biodegradable ink!

It all started with a conversation about “pens and the future of writing”, says Thomas Landrain, co-creator of Pili during its Ted Talk entitled “Biology without borders”. Ink today is one of the most expensive fluids on the planet, whilst it pollutes the enviroment and is very hard to recycle. Everything started when the founders fantasized on a pen that can created its own ink based on a compacted bioreactor. The idea behind Pili was born!

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Source: Labiotech

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