PiR hosts forum discussing the opportunities and obstacles of ‘Uber he


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PiR hosts forum discussing the opportunities and obstacles of ‘Uber healthcare’



Specialist recruitment company PiR recently hosted a CEO Breakfast Forum to explore radical new models for connecting demand and supply in healthcare and clinical research. Chaired by Dr Eliot Forster, CEO of Immunocore – one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies – this exclusive event at the British Library provided the opportunity for senior executives to discuss how providers and patients alike can benefit from the technology-driven innovation now being seen across various markets.

The interactive forum examined how recent advances in global electronic connectivity have increased the pressure on businesses across every sector, focussing on the potential implications and opportunities for the healthcare and clinical research markets. Eliot Forster commented: “The prevalence of smart devices means that disruptive new technologies – such as the Uber transportation model – are continuously emerging, driven by consumer demand for ‘instant access’ services. The healthcare sector is far from immune to this thinking, and we are now beginning to see novel applications of technology to overcome the traditional limitations in many areas.”

Jonathan Abraham, CEO of Healum Ltd, added: “The main reasons these ‘digital’ services are successful is that they are instant, intelligent and standardised, but do we want a ‘fully automated’ model in healthcare? Possibly not. Another consideration is where such innovations will come from? We are likely to see major innovations in the not too distant future, but these will almost certainly be pioneered by new suppliers rather than the established healthcare providers. Developing a relationship with these new players will provide a unique opportunity for organisations to gain valuable experience and insight into the possibilities of digital healthcare, without further stretching already limited budgets.”

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