Positive results in Transgene’s Cancer Vaccine


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Positive results in Transgene’s Cancer Vaccine


Date: 09/06/2015

Fighting cancer approaches are all different. Along with cell therapy, virus-based genetic therapy stands out as a viable treatment. Clinical data is also supporting this line of attack as FrenchTransgene presented last week in ASCO new data from TG4010’s Phase IIb. The company’s treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer was successfully tested in combination with chemotherapy.

French biopharma Transgene utilizes viral vector technology to indirectly or directly kill infected or cancerous cells. One of the company’s most advanced candidates to do so is TG4010, a recombinant vaccinia virus expressing the coding sequences of the MUC1 antigen and of the cytokine, Interleukin-2.

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Source: Labiotech

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