Practical Guide to Immunoassay Blocking Reagents


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Practical Guide to Immunoassay Blocking Reagents



AMSBIO has released a new 16-page practical guide** that provides a detailed overview on how blockers can be used to reduce non-specific binding in immunoassays.

Immunoassay Blocking Reagents (Blockers) are typically applied to ELISA and Lateral Flow-based assays, specifically paired monoclonal sandwich assays, competitive assays and antigen capture (IgG/IgM) assays. They work by removing interfering proteins in patient samples that could produce false results and an incorrect diagnosis.

Choosing the best assay format depends on the intended application of the assay, the type of samples to be analyzed, the availability of reagents, and whether the assay is intended for a single analysis in one lab, or is intended to be used in many laboratories by various technicians.

The guide** provides an informative introduction to different types of immunoassays, details the characteristics of ideal blocking agents and discusses causes of immunoassay interference which can change the outcome of an assay through a false positive or false negative test result.

In addition the guide offers advice on how to choose the best blocker for a range of different immunoassays, describes the wide range of AMSBIO immunoassay blocking reagents and provides suggested protocols to enable you to quickly and reproducibly generate optimised results.

To download the Practical Guide to Immunoassay Blocking Reagents** please visit or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 /

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