Reach Separations Turns 5!


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Reach Separations Turns 5!

February the 13th saw Reach Separations celebrate five years of laboratory occupation at Biocity Nottingham.

Five years signifies a great start and our now established reputation for both speed and quality has meant that we have seen significant growth over the last 12 months, particularly across Europe. ( As we enter our sixth year we have no intention of slowing down and we’re attending conferences in new areas of Europe this summer.

From an initial team of four we are now at ten people, with two members of laboratory staff joining us since Christmas.

To match the increase in staff we have seen an increase in instrumentation, a second Waters UPC2 for both chiral and achiral screening and as mentioned another Sepiatec 100 is on the way. It is vitally important to us that we continue to maintain our rapid turnaround even as our client base grows.

Victoria Coulthard, Early Business Development Manager

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