Sygnature Discovery Expands DMPK Team with Appointment of Dr. Edward B


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Sygnature Discovery Expands DMPK Team with Appointment of Dr. Edward Browne



Nottingham, UK – Sygnature announces the expansion of its DMPK team with the appointment of Dr Ed Browne as Associate Director of DMPK.

Ed is an experienced drug discovery scientist who brings a thorough understanding of developing and prosecuting a lead optimisation strategy, having worked at GSK, Singapore for the last ten years as head of the Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics team (DMPK).

Ed commented, “I have been really impressed by the integrated set-up at Sygnature Discovery. I’m used to this approach, having worked for the past 10 years in a small group of 60 scientists across DMPK, Chemistry and Biology at GSK in Singapore. It is a very similar environment at Sygnature Discovery, but with larger teams of scientists here.”

He continued, “The executive team at Sygnature Discovery are very enthusiastic about their business model, which involves the cross-sharing of information, creating dynamism across all capabilities, speeding up problem solving and efficiency.”

He concludes, “Sygnature Discovery is not a standard CRO, it operates as a consultancy, working on real drug discovery rather than routine assays. Clients range from spin-outs to large pharma. I particularly like the positive impact Sygnature has on smaller companies by identifying key data and helping them make cost-effective decisions and helping them to achieve their goals.”

Sygnature’s Director of DMPK, Dr Timothy Schulz-Utermoehl, added, “I am delighted to welcome Ed to the team here at Sygnature. Ed brings significant DMPK and drug discovery experience to our rapidly expanding department as we continue to build our CNS expertise and large molecule bio analysis.”

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