Symcel Unveils International Installation of its Innovative calScreene


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Symcel Unveils International Installation of its Innovative calScreener™ Technology Across Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Holland and Germany and South East Asia with Wide Ranging Applications

Date: 03/06/2015

SymCel, the company behind the revolutionary cell-based assay tool providing real time cellular bioenergetics measurements, is pleased to announce that its ground-breaking calScreener™ technology has secured nine installations across five different countries for a mixture of university institutions and pharmaceutical companies. To date, the geographic spread includes, four signings in Sweden, two signings in Switzerland, and one each in Holland, South Africa, Germany and South East Asia

The announcement of the geographic roll-out of calScreener™  follows the recent publication in The Biotechnology Journal of published scientific data showing that CalScreener provides novel insights in the study of tumorous micro tissues, bacteria and parasitic worms, whilst providing continuous real-time biological data.

In Sweden, the technology is being put to use for assay testing in metabolic research, therapeutic antibody development, malaria and fresh water quality, whilst in Germany, the calScreener™  is being utilised for toxicology testing. Moreover, in Holland the tool is being applied in bacterial and biofilm development for the treatment of bacterial infections with antibiotics. Furthermore, the assay technology is being used in the field of turberculosis in South Africa, tropical parasites in Switzerland and metabolic research in South East Asia.

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