University enters into research collaboration with BioInvent


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University enters into research collaboration with BioInvent


Date: 02/06/2015

Leading antibody researchers at the University of Southampton, under the direction of Professor Mark Cragg, Professor of Experimental Cancer Research and Director of the Cancer Pathway Integrated Postgraduate Programme, today announce a three-year research collaboration with BioInvent International (OMXS: BINV).

The collaboration, also involving Professor Martin Glennie and Dr Stephen Beers, is aimed at developing new immunotherapy treatments for cancer by targeting regulatory T cells (T regs). The program builds on the clinical successes of antibodies to so called T cell checkpoint inhibitors. The collaboration aims to develop novel antibodies and targets that are more specific for the cancer-associated T regs.

This collaboration is separate from two existing research programs in place between the University of Southampton and BioInvent.

Terms of the collaboration are not disclosed, noting that BioInvent will have the option to license any promising results for further development and commercialisation. Under the agreement, both parties will contribute to intellectual property generation.

BioInvent has the capacity, through the F.I.R.S.T.™ platform, to generate a large number of T cell depleting antibodies. The University of Southampton has unique capabilities to test and evaluate potential lead candidates in several advanced in vitro and in vivo models. The collaboration between BioInvent and the University around n-CoDeR® antibodies targeting human T regs for cancer therapy utilises the strengths from both groups.

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Source: University of Southampton

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