Unsafe asthma prescribing 'must end'


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Unsafe asthma prescribing 'must end'

Date: 16/06/2015

Tens of thousands of people with asthma in the UK are not getting the right medicines to keep their condition safely under control, according to an audit.

The charity Asthma UK, which analysed nearly 100,000 patient records to reach this estimate, says lives are at risk.

It found some patients had been put on the wrong types of inhalers.

And some medics were not picking up on warning signs that asthma could be spiralling dangerously out of control.

Asthma UK insists that no patient is in immediate danger, but warns that they should check which inhalers they have been prescribed and how often they use them.

No asthma patient should be prescribed a long-acting reliever inhaler without being given a preventer inhaler too, for example.

And any person who finds that they use 12 or more short-acting reliever inhalers in a year must see a doctor because it means their condition is not under control and needs other medication.

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Source: BBC

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